The Israeli law provides a broad protection for the creator of a creation, and entitles its owner to the exclusive right make copies of his work, to publish it , perform or present in public, and to prevent others from doing any infringing use in the creation, including making copies or derivative work or any use unauthorized by the copyright owner.
The copyright lawful owner may act against another person in order to prevent him from making an infringing use of the owners` creation. Alongside the claim immediately cease any infringing use in the creation or in the protected work and destroying any infringing copies not yet distributed, the owner may also for compensation and statutory damages for breach of copyright .
Under the Israeli Law there is no need of registration to be provided with the protection of copyright. Nevertheless it is highly recommended to do a short process of recordation of the creation, mainly to provide a proof in case of disputes concerning ownership of the work. As part of our services, Ariel Dubinsky law offices offer our clients the option to deposit the work (a physical copy thereof) in our offices in order to provide it with a wider legal protection in case of dispute.

Ariel Dubinsky Law Office possesses the unique specialty and experience to provide our clients broad range of legal tools to allow you to protect your work and enjoy its fruits. Among our services:
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