As part of our arsenal of success, Ariel Dubinsky Law Office liaise with local enforcement authorities (the IP unit of the police, Customs, the anti-counterfeiting department of the Ministry of Health, and other allies) to favorably pursue and litigate IP-related cases and to focus on defending industries most vulnerable to infringement, such as communications, cellular, apparel and cosmetics. Our vast, street-smart experience in litigating matters involving trademark, copyright and domain name disputes has made us skilled in the art of brand protection, and we will do the same for you. We make no qualms about it: your intellectual property rights must and will be protected at all cost, fiercely and unrelentlessly.

  •  General counseling
  • Strategizing Anti-counterfeit activity
  • Representing Trademark owners in Customs procedures
  • Coordinating Police raids
  • Filing complaints on behalf of Trademark owners with the local enforcement authorities
  • Civil and criminal litigation

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