Our Services

  • General counseling
  • Copyright litigation, including enforceability and infringement of copyright.
  • Anti-counterfeiting activities.

  • Search and analytics of registability of trademarks.
  • Trademark drafting, protection of trademarks, providing legal opinion on Trademarks.
  • Litigation of Trademark disputes
  • Supervision of investigations in Trademark infringements.

  • Search and analytics on patentability and registability of patents.
  • Patent drafting, prosecution of Patents, providing legal opinion on Patents.

  • Internet-Domain Disputes:
  • Protecting rights in domain names against cyber-squatters and other infringers.
  • Domain name registration and litigation before the Israeli courts and the Dispute Resolution Panel of the Israeli Internet Association.
  • Drafting agreements, terms of use and site rules according to the website`s specification and design

Ariel Dubinsky Law Office provides legal assistance to individuals and companies seeking to protect their trade secrets. Among our services:

  • Drafting non-disclosure agreements
  • Legal representation in proceedings concerning trade secrets disputes
  • General Consultation regarding legal strategies for protection of trade secrets

  • Customs procedures
  • Coordinating Police raids
  • Civil and criminal litigation

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