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Your intellectual property has become your most valuable and marketable asset. At Ariel Dubinsky Law Office we provide our clients with high-quality brand protection, investigation, litigation, as well as registration and maintenance of intellectual property rights. Our peerless expert services cut across all aspects of patent, trademark, and copyright law to licensing, franchising and all facets of commercial law relating to technology.

As part of our services, we liaise with local enforcement authorities (the IP unit of the police, Customs, the anti-counterfeiting department of the Ministry of Health, and other allies) to favorably pursue and litigate IP-related cases and to focus on defending industries most vulnerable to infringement, such as telecommunications, cellular, apparel and cosmetics. Our vast, street-smart experience in litigating matters involving trademark, copyright and domain name disputes has made us skilled in the art of brand protection, and we will do the same for you. We also offer honest and practical counseling to small businesses, web page designers, authors, performers, artists and other public figures on up-to-date copyright, trademark, Internet, and computer law, with the aim of creating a strong and robust online and offline presence.

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About the founder
Ariel Dubinsky
Ariel Dubinsky Ariel Dubinsky, founder of Ariel Dubinsky Law Office, has extensive experience in litigating complex trademark infringement cases, including some of Israel`s most high profile disputes. Mr. Dubinsky advises and represents multi-national corporations in all aspects of intellectual property. He has battled numerous motions for temporary restraining orders and preliminary injunctions and supervised and coordinated police raids, resulting in the seizure and destruction of tens of thousands of counterfeit products.

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Our Services
Intellectual property
Intellectual property is t the legal regulation of the rights of artists, inventors and other owners in their creation or intangible assets. This diverse and fascinating legal field is the center of our practice at Ariel Dubinsky Law Firm.
Authors, compositors, song writers, artist, computer programmers and basically all creators all are entitle, under certain conditions, the liberty to make an exclusive use in their work (such as make copies, publish, perform in public, process or create a derivative product and more). Rightful owners hold the right to prevent others from doing use in their work. Our Office specializes in all aspects of copyright law and provides legal services to many individuals and companies seeking to protect their work.
A trademark is a sign used to distinguish the goods or services of a person or company from other services or products offered in the same field. Brand names, Company name, products, websites, domains name and even people's names may be entitled for a protection by registration or use. Our office provides legal advice concerning trademark and brand protection and trademark registration and specializes in all aspects of brand name and trademark protection.
Internet Law
The Internet has changed our lives and it is impossible to imagine how we could have lived without it. However, the Internet holds new legal challenges as there are new dangers ways to exploit the Internet and misuse it. Our office provides legal Services in all aspects concerning domain disputes, domain name registration, and legal counseling regarding ecommerce and online marketing including drafting terms of use and privacy policy and user agreements
Trade secrets
Under the Israeli law, certain types of business information may be considered to be protected as a trade secret, such as special ways of productions, unique managing methods, and any knowledge providing its holders a commercial advantage on their competitors. Ariel Dubinsky Law Office provides legal assistance to individuals and companies seeking to protect their trade secrets. We offer drafting of non-disclosure agreements, litigating trade secrets disputes and providing general consultation

Our office cooperates with Patent attorneys from around the globe to provide with effective and comprehensive array of legal services in the field of Patent protection and litigation. Among our services, we provide search and analytics on patentability and registability of patents, patent drafting and prosecution of Patents.

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